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“Relax with our short stories”



It was just a usual afternoon and Jim was chilling at the balcony, smoking and drinking lemonade. It was a peaceful sunny day, the air was positive, the song from nature was infinite and Jim was getting lost in his thoughts. He was thinking, how people can be sad; how people could stress for so many pointless thinks;

Then he was laughing with the way people live. He was enjoyed it to create a conversation with his thoughts, just random thoughts that make him understand how important is for people to communicate with their minds. Jim roll another cigar and light it as he was trying to find answers to his previous questions:

(Jim) – Okay, I can understand the fact that we cannot be happy every day, everyone we have our bad days, but still, how can you think negatively in general when you have all those naturals sounds. How;

(Thoughts) -They think about the future, they are too busy to think how simple life is, they are stressed from the routine, they blame other people for their situation, they compare the outside image of others, and most important they do not have the time to discuss with their thoughts.

(Jim) -Yes, I agree, but how they can think for so much pointless thinks and not thinking about their happiness; Where is their common sense, the critical thinking for thoughts that affect their attitude. Their daily life’s that seems so miserable like they live their life’s in a black room without any lights or any hopes.

(Thoughts) – Unfortunately, people avoid thinking, avoid learning their own personality and most important, to diversify their mission and vision in their life’s. They invest in randomness that never helps them to perceive thinks positive. People forget to live, they forget their life’s in the daily world, though, is not an easy trap to overcome.

(Jim) – So basically, you believe that all those problems people have in their life are because they avoid their thoughts;

(Thoughts) – Exactly!

(Jim) – Okay, but what about those people that faced difficult situations and they do not have the time, the opportunities and most important the knowledge to understand that happiness is simple.

(Thoughts) – Those people should be the ones who must change the world. I understand that there are people who are born with nothing. But historically we have so many examples from people who achieve something and they begin from minus zero. Those people are the ones who sees the darkest side of the world, the majesty of poverty. Those people have nothing to lose, whatever they do its start with zero risks, whatever they lose would not be worse than what they already have.  Even if they do not achieve the success they can still be happy, I mean stone age human used to live without technology, money, personal wealth, house and mainly with nothing belongings. They were happy by living, breathing, have a piece of meat to eat, with so many simple activities they could live the redemption of their minds. But anyway, I do not judge that much those people because there are people who live brutal experiences and I do not judge them if they cannot find happiness. Furthermore, the people that I judge are those people who have everything and they still cannot feel happiness.

(Jim) – Yes, I agree. Mainly you believe that human happiness is in our wonderful minds;

(Thoughts) – Exactly as you said it, “in our wonderful minds”.

(Jim) – Hahaha cool. Anyway, our meditation finish for today. Let’s go for a beer with the guys.


 … and as the sun was burning, Jim was chilling at the beach drinking a beer and smoking tobacco. He was thinking how people change their routine when they are working.

(Jim)- Why people not living their life’s when the next day are going to work?

(Thoughts) – Because they cared more about their future rather than now.

(Jim)- Yes, I understand that but how they can do that for years and years. They basically compromise with the future and they forget about now? They compromise with the routine that provides them the same habits?

(Thoughts) – In a general manner, yes but if you dig the subject in more depth is not so simple and easy to be overcome it.

(Jim)- Why? What do you mean?

(Thoughts) – Okay, let’s take the journey through the beginning. People start working and they are happy because is a new environment new people etc. After the job become a routine they forget about their life’s, because the routine kill them slowly, slowly, make them forget the reason why they start working. They are drowning in the same routine and they do not care about their life’s anymore, they just leave because they forget how beautiful life is, that they work to live, to have a better life. But the routine kill them because they are weak. The main reason for that misery is because they do not find the time to think why.

(Jim) – Why is always about thoughts? It could be another reason. For example, the bad mood that they cannot overcome and it become a way of living or it could be a bad experience that affects them. Why is always about thoughts?

(Thought)- Think about it, most of our efficient decision are coming from thinking all the possibly options and decide which one is better for us. All the questions that we have and affect us because we do not find the answer is because we are not thinking in depth, ask why until we conclude to a logical reason. We cannot control all of our thoughts, but we can control those that will make us happier, those that will have a positive impact on our daily life. If someone has a shi**y  job it does not mean they have to be misery, no, he can enjoy every moment with its own way, living the life he wants in a bad environment. Furthermore, that it was the original reason why he starts working, to have money to live a better life, to fight for something that he wants. Have a vision about his life and create targets that will accomplish his dreams. But if they do not think and discuss with their mind how they could possibly make a correct decision for their future. Because if they do not think and create their own plans, they cannot have a better life except the shi**iest job that kills their life day by day.

(Jim)- Okay, I agree, but because I want to enjoy my cigaret and my beer now let me just clear my mind and enjoy the view of the peaceful beach without any thoughts. I respect the fact that is important to think but now is one of those time that I want to enjoy the extraordinary and the power of”nothing”.