The website is my way of expressing my thoughts in words. In the website, you can find business reports, fiction stories, articles and many others. Writing is my opinions about the world we live, how can we become a better human being, how we are influenced by the environment that we live and how positivism can help us be happier and more productive. In more depth, there are articles about business reports, case studies, and of course, fiction stories that could prove us how important is to think and observed our self’s. Positivism is a big issue in my opinion in the today world because with all these technological development we forgot to live the moment, we are affecting from the too much pressure of the world, the too high expectation that they set to us and many other sociological issues that we face daily. Those stories visitors can check on the website with my point of view in an enjoyable way for the reader.



My mission in life is to be happy, enjoy every moment, be positive and discover every day something new. This is what I want to provide through the website, my positive vibe as a person in words, how important positivism is in our daily life. Its one of the most difficult task that I have to dealt with it the last few years, its not easy to become positive as a person, is not a button that we can press and transform into positive people. It takes so much time and patience, but the most important factor that help me to develop that attitude, is the constant thought meditation that help me thinking straight to the point. When we can, as individual think straight to the point, then the positive vibe arise from nowhere. We understand that all of our issues has a logical explanation, that our life have a point, that our dreams is important, that doing what we want should be a priority.



As every person has dreams, the website has one also. Creating a virtual community, for people sharing their ideas, their issues, their opinions with no judgement,criticism, just share their thoughts free. Which is the main purpose of creating the website at the first place. Also, I would be glad if people want to share stories, poems and basically anything that would be proper and positive for the reader. Furthermore, I believe that people should be happy and I will do my best to share my positive vibration through my fiction stories.